Mikayla's College Choice

Mikayla has decided to attend Covenant College in LookOut Mountain Georgia.

She and I will travel to the USA the end of July to get her set up for college. Please pray for her as she makes this major transition in her life. Thanks!

ISAC Soccer Update

The Faith Academy Girls Soccer team came in 2nd place overall in the soccer.

This year, Faith Academy won the overall championship of the three ISAC sport events held this school year 2012-13. This is the first time Faith Academy has been the overall champion of ISAC.

Good job to all our athletes and coaches!

The Plain and Fancy Cookbook

One of my favourite and well-worn cookbooks is "The Plain and Fancy Cookbook" put out by our mission organization.

I had burned mine absentmindedly when I left it on a lit burner while reading a recipe shortly after Jerard died.

I am thankful now the book is available as a PDF and in e-reader form.
Download it for yourselves! It is free to be shared! It's got great recipes!!!!!


what my hard copy looks like after trying to cook it!

what my hard copy looks like after trying to cook it!

Beth and Beth

A few years ago a friend of ours named their daughter after me and another friend. She is a cute little girl and here is a recent picture of us from the SIL Christmas party in December of 2012.

Ben's Karate Party

Ben's karate club had a pool party at Christmas time. They had a great time posing for pictures, eating pizza and swimming!