Street Scenes

Graduation Party

We held a graduation party for Mikayla recently. She had many friends over. It was a fun afternoon.

Mikayla will be going to Covenant College in Lookout Mountain Georgia to study psychology and English.

Humongus Hamburger

There is a restaraunt here that serves a giant hamburger good for 8 people. We tried it while my sister was here visiting. The seven of us could barely eat half of it. We brought the rest home in a doggy bag! It is huge. The taste was okay but we all decided we liked the McDonald's hamburgers better.

Mikayla Graduated!

walking down the aisle

receiving the English award

receiving her diploma

Aunt Judy and Mikayla

Mom, Aunt Judy, and Mikayla

Ate Arlene, Shaul, and Mikayla

Kirsten and Mikayla

Good Job, Mikayla! We are proud of you!

Mikayla's Graduation Day

Today, Thursday May 23, Mikayla graduates from high school. Pray for her as she transitions from the Philippines and high school to the USA and college.