Prayer Request Update

Well, life here in the Philippines never ceases to be interesting.

I called the doctor's office yesterday to verify office hours and told the receptionist which doctor I was coming to see. She told me the hours and said nothing else. So, Kurt drops me off at the office. I walk in and tell the receptionist I am here to see the Doctor. "Oh, Dr. B. is out of town until Thursday, Maam."

That seems to be the filipino way.
Ask a clerk at the store if they carry a certain item and if they carry it the clerk will say yes but not offer to show it to you. You need to specifically ask "may I see it."
I should've specifically asked "Is Dr. B in today?"

My gut feels a tad bit better today but still is painful. I hope to see Dr. B on Friday....but I'll specifically ask if he is in the office before I go!!!!!

Prayer Request

Please pray for Beth. She is not feeling well. She has pain in her gut. I am taking her to the doctor's office this morning. This has been going on for about three days and seems to be getting worse instead of better.

Thanks for praying for us.

Kirsten's Apple Stack

We have a myriad of wonderful fruit here in the Philippines, but
apples still rank as an all-time favorite with Kirsten!!!!!!


One day I'll post a picture of the squid balls you can buy here.
But today, Mikayla tried spicy squid from one of her friends at school....and she really liked it!!!!


Talking to the receptionist at the pediatrician's office yesterday she said, "It seems in United States people are always racing against time. Here we do not."

That is one of many things I am really enjoying about the Philippines; everything moves at a slower pace. People take more time to talk with each other. I have enjoyed having coffee with friends on a once or twice weekly basis, the helpfulness of merchants, not feeling rushed.

I guess I'm learning to step off the race track and stop racing against time!!!!