Spring Break

The girls had a week off from school for Spring Break so we spent part of the week relaxing at Paradise Island Beach.

Boat to Paradise Beach. Davao City in back ground

Ben and friends building a hermit crab sand castle

Sunset at Paradise Beach

We also went on a one day boat trip to Talicud Island for a day of playing in the water and snorkeling.

(Really, Kurt does work but we can't talk too much about that here!)

So....enjoy the pictures.

It is beautiful here and we'd love to have you come visit us!!!!!

Boat to Talicud Island



Playing in the water

Playing in the water

Playing in the water

Playing in the water

Ben helping pull in a tired swimmer who wasn't making headway due to the current

Sailor Ben

Kurt and Mikayla on boat

Kirsten waiting for boat

Mom relaxing!

Come, visit! It is beautiful here!!!!!




Ok, I Admit that I Like Squid

One of the nice things as an American living in the Philippines is the variety of new things to eat and drink. Just recently I have had a few opportunities to eat squid. Once was in a seafood salad, and the other two times were plates of sizzling squid, one spicy and the other not. Not bad.

In addition to squid, there are quite a few other new foods that we have yet to try. One is durian which is a fruit that smells like strong garlic, and balut which is partially formed duck egg. Both are somewhat "acquired" tastes. We are not rushing out to try these two just yet.

Update on Beth

Beth is feeling better these days. She went to the doctor, received a couple prescriptions, and appears to be on the mend.

Thanks to everyone who has been praying for her.

Prayer Request Update

Well, life here in the Philippines never ceases to be interesting.

I called the doctor's office yesterday to verify office hours and told the receptionist which doctor I was coming to see. She told me the hours and said nothing else. So, Kurt drops me off at the office. I walk in and tell the receptionist I am here to see the Doctor. "Oh, Dr. B. is out of town until Thursday, Maam."

That seems to be the filipino way.
Ask a clerk at the store if they carry a certain item and if they carry it the clerk will say yes but not offer to show it to you. You need to specifically ask "may I see it."
I should've specifically asked "Is Dr. B in today?"

My gut feels a tad bit better today but still is painful. I hope to see Dr. B on Friday....but I'll specifically ask if he is in the office before I go!!!!!

Prayer Request

Please pray for Beth. She is not feeling well. She has pain in her gut. I am taking her to the doctor's office this morning. This has been going on for about three days and seems to be getting worse instead of better.

Thanks for praying for us.