House Sitting

We have had the opportunity to live in the community while house sitting for some friends and colleagues. It has been nice to have a bit more room and feel more part of the culture. What great motivation to keep up our language studies!!!!!
We stayed there about 10 days and will be staying there for another two weeks. It is on the other side of the wall from the girl's school so needless to say we are very close to school and work!!!


House view from the street


Update on Ben

Well, Ben's stomach problems have not been identified but I can tell you that this week he has had no fevers and only 2 complaints of stomach cramps (rather than the 2 - 5 times per day he was complaining of)!!!!! God's healing power at work! Thanks for all the prayers!

Medical Care / Pray for Ben

Wow, what an experience. I had to take Ben to a pediatrician as he has had problems with his stomach since we arrived. Still no verdict on what the cause is, though Ben says if he returned to Michigan his tummy would be happy again.
We arrived an hour and a half before the appointment so
Ben and I could go to the lab for blood work. A CBC and urinalysis cost about $4 US!!!! After an hour we went back to the lab to pick up results before going to the appointment. Here you can have lab work done without an order, tho I did have one yesterday from the receptionist at the doctor's office.
When the doctor arrived at her clinic ( a little room about 10 × 14 divided by a bookshelf - one half waiting and reception, other half doctors office/exam room) she prayed with all the people waiting in the waiting area asking God for wisdom and guidance in all she did and for each person to be blessed and receive the help they need.
How neat is that!!!

Anyway, keep Ben in your prayers as he often has stomach cramping and fevers that last just a little while.


The fruit here is so good. Bananas are sweeter, pomelo is wonderful, pineapple is the best!!!! There are many good food choices here and we are certainly enjoying tasting fruit fresh off the trees or vines or bushes.


It is 11:30 at night as I write this. It is raining, 76 degrees, and there is a slight breeze. As Kurt and I stood on the deck enjoying listening to the rain and watching the toads hopping in the grass, he says to me, "I'm cold."

That's scary!