Prayer Request

Please pray for Beth. She is not feeling well. She has pain in her gut. I am taking her to the doctor's office this morning. This has been going on for about three days and seems to be getting worse instead of better.

Thanks for praying for us.

Kirsten's Apple Stack

We have a myriad of wonderful fruit here in the Philippines, but
apples still rank as an all-time favorite with Kirsten!!!!!!


One day I'll post a picture of the squid balls you can buy here.
But today, Mikayla tried spicy squid from one of her friends at school....and she really liked it!!!!

Our Kids

Our children seem to be doing well here...enjoying school, friends, packages sent to them!!!!...

Mikayla recently went on a week long field trip with the Middle School to Corrigador. I will have her blog soon about her experiences but she sure did enjoy it!

Mikayla sailing Davao Bay

Mikayla with friend on Corrigador trip

At the mall on a rainy day

Kirsten is playing soccer, enjoying school, the beach, and being creative in art and play.

Stacking animals

Kirsten enjoying her boa

Helping each other off the boat

Benjamin's stomach issues still trouble him but not as frequently as they had been. He is able to play soccer and enjoy play time with friends and family.

Playing with a friend at the mall on a rainy day

Capitan Ben

Playing with Mom

Continue to keep them in your prayers! I am thankful for God's grace in their lives as they make this major transition to the Philippines.


Talking to the receptionist at the pediatrician's office yesterday she said, "It seems in United States people are always racing against time. Here we do not."

That is one of many things I am really enjoying about the Philippines; everything moves at a slower pace. People take more time to talk with each other. I have enjoyed having coffee with friends on a once or twice weekly basis, the helpfulness of merchants, not feeling rushed.

I guess I'm learning to step off the race track and stop racing against time!!!!