Kirsten's 10th Birthday

The Birthday Girl was quite excited to receive an MP3 player!

Kirsten turned 10 on June 19th.
We celebrated with a family party.
She is entering 5th grade in August and quite happy to be 10.
That first double digit birthday is a milestone!!!

Mikayla, Kirsten, and Ben hamming it up for the camera

Kirsten requested chocolate cake and trick candles like her aunt frequently served at Kirsten's cousin's birthdays. Finding 'trick candles' here is in and of itself quite a trick!!!!!


Gas prices, along with many other items, have really risen over here.
We figured out that gas here equals about $5.60 US per gallon!!!

How They Change

Some days are made for reminiscing....
today, with the cooler, rainy weather we are having is one of those days.
I was looking at photos of when we first arrived here and of more recent and seeing how much the kids have changed.

What doesn't show up in the photos is the other changes I've seen in them; growth in their spiritual lives, emotional lives, social lives, maturity.......
I thank God for the blessing of children and all the ways He leads us!

Even James and Jerard have changed a lot from when we first received them five months ago.........

Typhoon Update

Keep praying for all the people affected by the typhoon. There are many families grieving the loss of loved ones, communities trying to rebuild........

Typhoon Fengshen has left many homeless and caused a lot of damage nationwide and submerged entire communities.

The Princess of the Stars was carrying more than 800 passengers and crew when it capsized after being battered by huge waves caused by the typhoon Fengshen.

Typhoon Update

As many of you have heard by now, a ferry capsized in the typhoon. There were over 700 people on that boat.
Continue to pray for the Philippines as it recovers from flooding and typhoon damage.
Pray for the people involved.
Pray for rescuers to be able to get to the ferry to search for survivors.
Read more about it at