Proverbs 17: 17 A friend loves at all times........

Ecc. 4: 9 Two are better than one.....

Cooking at Isla Reta

We planned camp menus - hobo dinners, chicken, potatoes, hamburgers......

The guys did a great job manning the cooking coals......

I taught them all how to make 'banana boats'......

We didn't cook pig but these pigs are ready for someone to cook them (they are still alive in this picture). When bought, they will be slaughtered, cleaned, and cooked...........

Isla Reta Pictures

As promised, I will share some pics from Isla Reta with you all.

I won't bore you with all 200 plus photos we took, but I will tell you that I've found a new favorite spot here!

The 'resort' is like camping at a state park in Michigan by the lake.

A view from huts towards the beach

We cooked our own food, slept in cement floored huts, swam, enjoyed walking and exploring, had s'mores at night, watched the was beautiful and relaxing.

A cement floored hut

Lorine and Danielle with James in the nepa hut where we ate our meals

Part of the beach


James in a hole the kids had dug in the sand

I thank God for his beautiful creation, for a chance to enjoy a few days away from daily life and work, and for good friends.

Ben in the hole he helped dig

One of the neighbor's pigs got loose and ran into our camp as we were cooking dinner. Two guys came and caught him. Soon he was to be someone's dinner!

Burying each other in the sand

At the dock back in Davao. Part of our crew were waiting with our stuff while Kurt and Jeff went to get cars to come pick them up. One of the bicycle drivers let Ben and Jadon ride around on his bike. They had a great time taking turns pedaling it!

Isla Reta

We won't be updating our web now until Tuesday.
We are going to, a beach 'resort', on Talicud Island with good friends. We'll post pictures when we return.

Resources for the Blind

Jerard was seen by a physical therapist today at "Resources for the Blind" for an evaluation.
He will start physical therapy (p.t.) next week three times a week to help him gain motor skills.
We were very pleased with the therapist and the facilities!
Check out their website: