My Name Sake

Beth Mari was born early this morning (midnight to be exact)
to our dear friends Jocy and James.
Beth Mari measured 50 cm long (19.7 inches) and weighed in at 2.95 kilos (6.5 pounds).

It is quite the humbling honor to have friends name their child after me. Her first name is in my honor; her second name is in honor of Jocy's dear friend MariLyn (who also happens to be Jocy's OB doctor and both our GYN doctora!)

Both Mom and Baby are doing fine though Beth does have a slight infection of some kind and is on an antibiotic for that. She may be in the hospital a few days due to that.

Please keep them in your prayers.

Psalm 127:3Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD,
the fruit of the womb a reward.
4Like arrows in the hand of a warrior
are the children of one's youth.

hmmm....Now I'll have much fun buying baby clothes for her!!!!!

Kirsten's 10th Birthday

The Birthday Girl was quite excited to receive an MP3 player!

Kirsten turned 10 on June 19th.
We celebrated with a family party.
She is entering 5th grade in August and quite happy to be 10.
That first double digit birthday is a milestone!!!

Mikayla, Kirsten, and Ben hamming it up for the camera

Kirsten requested chocolate cake and trick candles like her aunt frequently served at Kirsten's cousin's birthdays. Finding 'trick candles' here is in and of itself quite a trick!!!!!

Pointing it out...

James would like to point out that he and his brother are getting their teeth in and it's not a comfortable experience for either of them!

Ben would like to point out that posing for the camera is a lot of fun!

Kurt would like to point out that his brain gets tired sometimes from all the intensive language learning he is doing!

(And though there is no photo to accompany this, I would like to point out that Kirsten took the photos for this particular blog!)

Military Men

James wants to be like Kuya Ben!

Ben wants to be like his cousin serving in Iraq!


Gas prices, along with many other items, have really risen over here.
We figured out that gas here equals about $5.60 US per gallon!!!