Muddy Mess

Construction on our street is putting in new drainage tiles. It's quite the mess going out our gate currently.

Our gate is quite muddy as well!

James and his buddy were enjoying watching the crane.

Durian Statue

This statue is at the Davao airport. It's pretty cool.

The Durian sculpture unfolds to reveal the tri-people of Davao: the Lumads, the Muslims, the Settlers


Mikayla and Ben made it to the summit of Mt. Apo! More pics to follow.

Kirsten All-ISAC

Kirsten was awarded the all-ISAC defensive award!

Hiking and Soccer

Kirsten is in Subic, near Manila, for the annual International School Athletic Competition (ISAC) for soccer. The team is in third place as of this morning, but playoffs are today, so the status may change!

Mikayla and Ben are climbing Mt. Apo, the tallest peak in the Philippines, with some friends. It's a three day journey. They'll be back this evening. I look forward to posting photos from their hike as I sent my camera with Ben to take pictures!

Mt. Apo is a mountain near Davao. We can view it quite well from various locations around town.