Soccer 2016

Girl's soccer started yesterday. Kirsten is playing for this her fourth season and last season of high school.

Kirsten is a sweeper (center back defense) and in uniform #13. Her knickname is "Stonewall" because she so expertly blocks the opponents tries to get the ball into our team goal!

Basket Ball

Ben is playing middle school basket ball yesterday. The team had their first game yesterday!

Ben is center and in uniform #18.

Roses - Brato Lang!

Buying fresh flowers here is brato lang (not expensive).

This beautiful bouquet of a dozen roses with basket cost about $1.50 US! Thanking God for His amazing creation and beauty He allows us to enjoy!!

Morning Beauty

The other morning as I awoke,

made coffee,

was thanking God for His blessing of a new day......

I opened the curtain and saw this:

a beautiful Philippine Hibiscus in full bloom


Three days a week I spend my afternoons at the middle school/elementary library at the school our kids attend.
I teach the K - 5th graders about the library, how to research, etc., and read stories to them. This semester we are reading stories from around the world, learning geography and how to research with encyclopedias. James snapped a few pictures of me today while I was teaching the 5th graders.