But only in the musical

We have not had rain here for a long while. El Nino is affecting the water and power supply here and we have almost daily power and water outages. To combat that we stock up on water and candles!

Ben studying by candle and flash light

Kurt reading his tablet in the power outage dark

The power company lets us know within what hours twice a day we may lose power - for anywhere up to five hours per outage time.

Track and Field Day

Just sharing a few photos from track and field day held April 1 at the school our kids attend. Ben and James participated in it. The high schoolers did not.

Power and Water Outages

El Nino is greatly affecting us here. We've been having rotational power outages twice a day rather consistently for quite a long while now, usually 1 - 3 hours. But a few days ago they raised it to 4 hours per time and as of today it is up to 5 hours per time.

This also affects our water supply as the pumps for the city run on the electric power, so when they are off for hours the water pressure decreases and disappears, then it takes hours for the pressure in the line to build up again.....

it can be quite frustrating but we have lots of candles and store up water as much as we can.

Muddy Mess

Construction on our street is putting in new drainage tiles. It's quite the mess going out our gate currently.

Our gate is quite muddy as well!

James and his buddy were enjoying watching the crane.

Durian Statue

This statue is at the Davao airport. It's pretty cool.

The Durian sculpture unfolds to reveal the tri-people of Davao: the Lumads, the Muslims, the Settlers