Biopsy Update

I had a suspicious looking mole removed about 2 weeks ago. The doctor was concerned it may be melanoma. Thankfully, the report came back today that there is no melanoma. I am thankful for that!

Smiling Christ

As many of you know, I really like the writings of Brennan Manning.
Today's devotional from "Reflections for Ragamuffins" I share with you.

"The smiling Christ heals and liberates.

With newly discovered delight in ourselves, we go out to our brothers and sisters as we are,

where they are,

and minister the smiling Christ to them.

Not far away from us, there is someone who is afraid and
needs our courage;

someone who is lonely and needs our presence.

There is someone hurt needing our healing;

unloved, needing our touching;

old, needing to feel that we care;

weak, needing the support of our shared weakness.....

When we bring a smile to the face of someone in pain,
we have brought Christ to him.

May God be gracious to us and bless us and make His face
shine upon us,
_Psalm 67:1

Banquet Night

Mikayla and Kirsten each attended a banquet last night.
This annual event would probably be equivalent to a prom in the USA.
Both girls enjoyed their evening!

Garden Oasis was where the high school banquet was held.

Probinsya restaraunt was where the middle school banquet was

Science Fair

The middle school put on a science fair which was really interesting. Kirsten's project was testing if people could taste what they eat while smelling another food.

Kirsten at her display board. She did great on her project!

Eyes closed; smelling one food; eating another!

some of the food samples

Eyes closed; smelling one food; eating another!

Band Concert April 2012

The Middle School and High school bands put on an excellent program, "Bands of Blessings" last night.

Kirsten in the percussion section.

Combined middle school and high school band


James ready to go watch the concert!