A Visitor From Heaven Song


A visitor from Heaven
If only for a while
A gift of love to be returned
We think of you and smile
A visitor from Heaven
Accompanied by grace
Reminding of a better love And of a better place
With aching hearts and empty arms
We send you with a name

It hurts so much to let you go
But we're so glad you came We're so glad you came

A visitor from Heaven If only for a day
We thank Him for the time He gave
And now it's time to say
We trust you to the Father's love
And to His tender care
Held in the everlasting arms
And we're so glad you're there We're so glad you're there

With breaking hearts and open hands
We send you with a name
It hurts so much to let you go
But we're so glad you came We're so glad you came

(lyrics by Twila Paris)

A Day of Moving On........8th Grade Graduation 5/18/12

Kirsten graduated from 8th grade tonight. It was a very nice ceremony. The 8th grade girls did a really great job singing, too!
A day of loss, a day of moving on - Kirsten to 9th grade; Jerard to heaven.

Kirsten with her friends in 8th grade

the elementary kids singing the Philippine National Anthem

Adoption Update 5/16/12

All our papers are at the lawyer's office! The adoption should be finalized before the end of the year! Please pray with us for speedy expedition of this process.
We will be furloughing starting June 2013 for a year and need to have this adoption and the boys visas and passports ready before then.
Pray with us for the adoption, visas and passports to be ready before June of 2013! Salamat Kaayo! (Many thanks)

Coconut Cutting

We hear people in the USA are paying $3 or more per bottle of coconut juice for about 16 ounces!
Well, here, at the market, you can obtain fresh buyang (young coconut),

cut it open,

pour out about 16 ounces or more of fresh juice,

for only about .35 -.45cents!
(Often we get them free from neighbors with coconut trees in their yards who share with us!!!)

Come visit us and we'll walk you through the process! It's great!!!

James' Summer School

James had a great time at summer school preschool. He played games, made crafts, learned numbers and letters and counting, made new friends.....!

James with certificate of completion

Fun at end of session ceremony