All Saint's Day at Jerard's Grave

November 1 and 2 are national holidays here in the Philippines for All Saints and All Souls days. The cemeteries take on a carnival type aire minus the rides. There are vendors selling food, candles, flowers, cemetery plots, phone service, toys. Many families congregate at the grave of their loved one(s) to have a reunion, share a meal.
A friend of ours rented a canopy to be over Jerard's grave for November 1 and 2. We spent time at the cemetery yesterday (November 1) visiting with friends.

Jerard's headstone

a Catholic mass at the cemetery in the morning

a makeshift cr (bathroom)

another cemetery near Forest Lake cemetery

busy vendor ally in evening at cemetery

MineCraft Talk

James was hungry this morning. He had a merienda (snack), then says, "That was good mom but I still have two hunger bars left."

Knowing he was talking in MineCraft jargon I replied, "well, just play in safe mode til lunch and then we will fill you up so you have no hunger bars left."

Ben, Kurt, and James are really into MineCraft. As a father/son project, Ben and Kurt are working on developing a minecraft server of their own!

Ben, James, and a friend playing minecraft!

Cooked Book

My family wanted me to blog about my cook book!

I've gotten very absent minded since Jerard died. I've gotten quite good at starting to cook and then walking away to do something else, totally forgetting there is food on the stove to be tended. So I've burnt many pots of rice.

So, what happens to a cookbook left on a flaming burner?
Yep, it catches on fire! The smell of burning paper and smoke alerted me to the fire! So I'm hoping I can find another copy of this book! It's my favourite cookbook!

5th Birthday Fun and Remembrance

James and I started out his birthday morning by putting flowers and balloons at Jerard's grave.

In the afternoon he had a water party with friends which included throwing wet sponges at Kurt, the birthday boy's dad!

And of course, birthday cake, ice cream and snacks!

James' 5th Birthday Coming Soon

Last year James and Jerard celebrated their 4th birthday together. This year James will celebrate his 5th birthday on Friday October 26 by placing 5 balloons on his brother's grave in the morning.

Then he will have a party with some of his friends in the afternoon.
He misses his brother. He is also excited to turn 5!
We will post photos after the party tomorrow!