I, Beth, am up in Cebu for a few days visiting a dear friend who moved up here from Davao about three months ago. It is wonderful to spend time with her and her husband, meet the teams they work with in church planting and livelihood projects, and enjoy good conversation and fun.
Originally I had booked a flight up here to take the GRE for the graduate program I am applying to, but the college waived the GRE requirement for me, so instead of wasting the ticket, I am enjoying a few days visiting my friend.

It always amazes me the passion my Filipino Christian brothers and sisters have in sharing the gospel and church planting and discipleship. I am blessed to meet so many new brothers and sisters in Christ.

Pray for my friend, her husband and the teams that work in the Cebu area sharing Christ with non-churched people here. The needs are great.

Baby Gabrielle

Dear friends,

Pastor Ian and Nen are part of Reach Int'l Team here in the Philippines and they have been dear friends and workers for Dr. Sam and Sherri for many years. Dr. Sam and Sherri are dear friends of ours. We appreciate Dr. Sam's friendship and medical expertice. (

Baby Gabrielle

Last Sunday Ian and Nen's second baby daughter was born. There were complications with the birthing process and the baby was oxygen deprived for at least 5 - 10 minutes. There appears to be some neurological problems with their 7 day old newborn baby who remains in ICU at a local hospital here. The neurologist is still running tests.

Please pray for Ian and Nen - for finances to cover the hospital costs; please PRAY for baby Gabrielle, her big sister, Nickole, and her parents, Ian and Nen, who are still trying to accept all of this. Thank you very much!

Nen, Dr. Sam, Pastor Ian with Baby Gabrielle

John Paul, Jorecel, JoeyStone

Meet three children who attend the church we go to. Their families participate in the Cebuano service.

Jorecel, John Paul, JoeyStone

This picture was taken at a mall they recently went to with one of the workers from the church to purchase desperately needed shoes. Then they had soapao and coconut juice for a snack (merienda).

Each of these kids, like so many around us here, deal with struggles everyday - family struggles of mom and/or dad trying to earn enough that day to put at least rice on the table; educational struggles financially and academically; transportation struggles; housing....pray for these three and many others like them.

Life in the Philippines

Thanksgiving holiday is coming up on November 22 for USA citizens.
In the USA turkeys are plentiful and not very expensive. Here it is a different story. A turkey or two will start showing up in some of the grocery store freezers towards the end of October.
Yesterday I purchased a frozen turkey that was around 13 pounds (6 kilos). Turkey for our family here in the Philippines is a once a year treat. It costs around $3.50 per pound!
Our turkey is in the freezer and will be cooked on November 22. We have invited a few friends over to share our Thanksgiving meal.
We will also be sharing our thanks to God for His abundant blessings, mercies and graces in our lives.

James is memorizing Psalm 118:1 "Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, for his steadfast love endures forever."

A great verse to know and meditate on.

Thankful for family, friends, turkey and much more!!!!


Mikayla turned 18 on Tuesday.

Here in the Philippines that is the legal age of adulthood and being able to drink alcohol.
We took her to a favourite resteraunt for birthday dinner and then had cake, ice cream and gifts at home.

She is a blessing and I pray she continues to grow in wisdom and grace, always seeking first Him and His kingdom in all the moments of her days and life.

James and I took a merienda to share with the highschoolers
to celebrate Mikayla's 18th birthday!

favourite chocolate cake with mocha frosting!

Enjoying family time at the resteraunt and at home.