Thanksgiving in the Philippines

Well, I can't speak about all Thanksgiving in the Philippines, especially since it is a US holiday, but I can speak about how we spent our Thanksgiving about 24 hours after arriving from the US. We could hardly keep our eyes open due to jetlag!

Yet, we were treated to a great Thanksgiving meal from some new friends over here, and though we did not fall asleep in our food, we probably came close. But Ben did not even make it through his meal.


Welcome to the Symanzik family update. Having lived in Michigan in the United States all of our lives, living in the southern Philippines is quite different and exciting. Follow along on this website as we let you know what is different, unique, pleasant, hard, and enjoyable.

Note: Due to sensitivity issues, we will not be posting details about our work. This is a cultural/family oriented blog.

Our Trip to the Philippines

Our flight, wheels up to wheels down, was about 31 hours. Of that time, over 25 hours were spent in the air. We flew from Detroit to New York, then to Frankfurt, Germany, then to Singapore, and finally to the Philippines. The Frankfurt to Singapore leg was the longest at about 11+ hours. We flew Singapore Airlines though and they did a really good job of making the long flights much more comfortable.

The photo is the Singapore Airline plane that we did most of our flying on.