Jeepneys are a very common Philippine form of transportation along the lines of the US busline. They each follow a predefined route and for 7 pesos one can get on and get off at whatever point is needed. They are a really cost effective means to get around town as long as the routes take you close to where you want to go.

So far though, I have a tendency to get sick to my stomach while riding them. I suspect that this is a combination of the heat, the vehicle fumes, the low windows which force one to lean over low to see where we are, etc. I have always been an easy target for motion sickness so maybe it is just me.

Our Trip to the Philippines

Our flight, wheels up to wheels down, was about 31 hours. Of that time, over 25 hours were spent in the air. We flew from Detroit to New York, then to Frankfurt, Germany, then to Singapore, and finally to the Philippines. The Frankfurt to Singapore leg was the longest at about 11+ hours. We flew Singapore Airlines though and they did a really good job of making the long flights much more comfortable.

The photo is the Singapore Airline plane that we did most of our flying on.

Coffee Anyone????

In the states I really enjoyed good coffee from Starbucks like Verona, Cafe' Estima, Christmas blend......I have yet to find anything that matches that quality here but this afternoon I was told of three coffee houses to check out so hopefully I will get there soon - like tomorrow!!!