We suspected that we might have a few rats around when the alley cats left us dead rats on our doorstep as a "welcome to the neighborhood" gift multiple days in a row. We suspected that we might have a rat problem when a big one came in a drain pipe through the wall around our house, looked at our kids who were behind the house, and then ran away. Of course, since rats are really common in the Philippines, we suspected that we might have a rat problem even before we moved into our new house. The house isn't the problem - rats are just all over.

So, we bought a live trap for the rats. We did not want a trap that would hurt our new puppy. So far in three nights we have caught two rats. I really think that we could have had one the first night if we had used the right bait. We tried a 1/4 ham sandwich that we had left over - they somehow ate the meat but left the bread. Since then we have found that they have a weakness for small strips of cooked beef that is put on the trap trigger like a worm on a hook. That way they have to work to get it off and are more apt to trip the trigger.

After we catch then, we take them for a swim in a bucket of water. That is the most humane way that we can think to kill them that does not risk us getting hurt in the process. If anyone knows of a better way let us know.

Oh, by the way, we did not think that you wanted to see pictures of all this, did you? We didn't think so.

Our New Bio-Security System

We would like to introduce you to the latest addition to our household - Bear. He is a two month old rottweiler puppy and we just picked him up 36 hours ago. Everyone in the family has fallen in love with him and as you can see from the pictures, he is adorable.

Our House

Well, we are moved in to a house now. We are busy unpacking boxes and finally settling into a place for a while after almost 5 months of transitional living. The reality of this world not being our home has settled in my heart!

Moving In

Kurt helping with heavy stuff

It was fun yesterday to watch the kids unpack boxes and 'find' items they hadn't seen in many months with the move from Michigan to here!

Taking a break

Kirsten in her room

Mikayla practicing in Ben's and her room

Our house is in a typical 'mixed' neighborhood...decent housing next to squatter settlements next to nicer houses.

Security wall

Our Neighborhood

Our Neighborhood


Tomorrow, Monday April 2, we will start moving into our rental house.

The painters have been busy painting. Other workers have been busy fixing some plumbing problems, water-rotted ceiling tiles, and increasing the security wall height.

Pray for us as we transfer to the rental house.

We are looking forward to having a house to live in!

We may not be updating this site for a few days until we get our internet up at the house!

(P.S. In Filipino culture it is called 'transferring' if you are moving within the general area of the city or province. We would be 'moving' if we left the area totally and went to a different country or northern Philippines.)

Aliens in this Country

The Bible tells us that as Christians we are aliens and strangers in this world and that our real country is Heaven! I am so thankful for that.

While we sojourn through this life, tho, we are now officially registered as Aliens in the Philippines!!!! We have our "Alien Certificate of Registration" (ACR for short!)

But really, like the saints in Hebrews 11, we are longing for a better country....our Heavenly one!!! I pray you are too!!!!

Hebrews 11: 13....And they admitted that they were aliens and strangers on earth.....16Instead, they were longing for a better country--a heavenly one. Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God, for he has prepared a city for them.