Ben's Toad

Ben recently found a toad in our yard....all I have to say is that bugs and other creepy-crawlies grow Big around here!!!!!!


School Events

Well, Our children's first half-year of school is winding down for summer break. Recently, Kirsten was in a musical called "Roamin' Through Romans" and Mikayla was in a Middle School Band and Choir Concert!

Kirsten's Solo

Kirsten in School Musical

Mikayla in Band

Mikayla in Choir

After Concert

Mikayla's Foot Update

Today her foot is not so red nor as swollen. She'd had a slight fever again yesterday but no fever this a.m. We sent her to school today. She'll be on the antibiotic a total of 10 days.
Here in the tropics, a 'little cut' needs to be cleaned out immediately as it can fester very quickly into a major infection....which unfortunatley is what Mikayla found out the hard way!!!!!
Thanks for praying for her. She is on the mend and doing better!

Prayer Request

Please pray for Mikayla's foot. Her foot was scraped this past weekend while on an outing and became very swollen, red, hot and painful. She was running a fever on Sunday as well. Now she is on antibiotics and the redness is diminishing. Her foot is still swollen and aches a lot. She did not go to school Monday because of it. Today (Tuesday our time) she doesn't have school since it is a national holiday here. Thanks.


One of my favorite scents at Bath and Body Works is plumeria.
I found out recently that this beautiful blooming plant is in our backyard!!!


Plumeria flowers