Living Differences part 2

More on how living in the tropics is different than living in Michigan.
It's hot here and not unusual to be sweaty all day!
It is not quiet here. There are dogs barking, roosters crowing, cars honking, loud motors, loud music.

The malls are noisy, too.
For the kusina (kitchen) the heat and humidity translates into this:

Stove top cooking or microwaving is preferred to turning on the oven.
Dried spices like to cake together.
Store bread in ref or it will mold really fast.
There are lots and lots of fresh fruits and veggies here. And they are not expensive!
Shopping at the market is a lot of fun but with white skin the prices go up so it's helpful to know enough Cebuano to barter with them!!!!
Medical care here is great.
The stores set up Christmas displays and start playing Christmas music as soon as the 'ber' months arrive!
The beaches are great.
Come visit us and check it out! Life here is pretty good!!!!!!


Ben wanted to share some pictures of animals he saw this summer at a local Crocodile Park!

Red Bird

Green Bird


Kirsten and Ben in a croc!!!!

Big Bird



Christmas is coming.....

I've heard that Christmas starts early in the Philippines and now I know it does.....
The other day as I entered a store I was greeted by the sight of at least 12 Chrsitmas trees set up, Christmas music blaring on the loud speakers, and racks and racks of Christmas decorations!!!!!

Ben's Response to First Day of School

As I put Ben to bed on August 14th, after his first day of school, he asks me, "Mom, what am I doing tomorrow?"

I answered, "You are going to school."

His response...."AGAIN?"


Now that he is in his second week of school, he thinks it's okay, but he also thinks there are lots of rules to follow!!!!


Mikayla and Kurt enjoy eating squid.

So, one day we are at the market and see this big squid.

"O yum," Mikayla pipes up! "Can we buy it?"

So in a moment of temporary insanity on my part we decide to buy it.


We bring it home, look up on line how to clean and cook squid,
and try it for supper. Of course, the Mom ends up cleaning this thing!

The black oil that comes out of one of those things is amazing!!!!
So is the plastic looking spinal thingy! (How do you like that for scientific definitions!!!!!)

Mikayla breading the squid

Fried Squid

Mikayla and Kurt thought it was okay.



Kirsten, Ben, and I decided it was not our favourite!

Kirsten's response

Ben's response

Bear enjoyed the leftovers!

Bear chewing on a bone prior to his squid dinner!