A Joy Inexpressible

I've always struggled with the verse in 1 Peter 1:13, "...set your hope fully on the grace that will be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ." I've never struggled with understanding it and that is precisely why I have always struggled with it - I know how simply outlandish from a human perspective this command is.

Come and join......

A favourite song of mine by Twila Paris is "Faithful Men."

Come and join the reapers

All the kingdom seekers

Laying down your life to find it in the end

Come and share the harvest

Help to light the darkness

For the Lord is calling faithful men

A Day in the life of us.......

A typical school day starts at 6 a.m. with the kids getting up, eating breakfast, and getting school uniforms on. Kurt usually drives them to school since the school is right next to the office.

Last week was "Spirit Week." The school raised money and took clothing donations to help the many street children here in Davao.

Ben in Kindergarten class with his teacher, Mrs. Robinson. He is already reading some words!!!!

Kirsten at lunch with friends and a teacher. It was 'crazy hair day' of Spirit week. Kirsten has yellow, red, and blue in her hair!!!!

Mikayla with friends at lunch on 'crazy hair day'.


Mikayla and a friend at PE class!

While the kids are at school from 7:30 - 2:30, Kurt is usually at the office working. He works from 7:30 - 5:30 or so.

Kurt at the office!

I spend some days at the office and some days at home running errands. I also take the majority of pictures which is why you don't usually see my face!!!!!:)

At 2:30 I pick up Kirsten and Ben and bring them home. Mikayla goes to her Daddy's office and works on homework until they come home for dinner around 5:30. 7th grade is tough with homework. She usually does more after dinner and also practices clarinet and piano, then goes to bed.

Playing with two young coconuts that had fallen in our yard!

We love getting packages. This is a toy that was sent to Ben for his birthday!

Kirsten hugging Daddy!

And of course, we take time to play with Bear and Taters.



Street Scenes

I love to see all the vehicles around here. Some are brightly painted.
Some carry so much you wonder how the engine does it (especially the small motorcylces with cabs on them.)

The other day I saw a man on a motorcycle with 4 sheets of 4×8 plyboard strapped to it...amazing!!!!

Enjoy the pics!!!!!

Street scene

Motorbike carrying lumber and building supplies

Yes! It really is a motocycle with a cart attached carrying two chest freezers!!!!

A pedal bike with cart attached to front carrying many items!!

Small Pick up truck with three cows in it.

Motorbike with rice and people

Philippine Eagle

A really neat place to visit within an hour from where we live is the Philippine Eagle Sanctuary.

The Philippine Eagle is a beautiful bird.

It is one of the rarest, largest and most powerful birds in the world. This bird of prey belongs to the family Accipitridae. It is also known as Haribon or Haring Ibon, meaning "Bird King."

This eagle's head is adorned with long brown feathers that give it the appearance of a lion's mane. It's upperside is brown, the underside white.

Philippine Eagle

An average female is about 1 meter (3.3 feet) long, weighs about 7 kg (15.5 lb), and has a wingspan of 2 meters (6.7 feet). This makes the Philippine Eagle one of the world's largest eagles with the largest wing surface area.

An adult male is about 10-20% smaller and averages at about 5 kg (11 lbs). The life expectancy for the Philippine Eagle is around 30-60 years.

The Philippine Eagle can be found in rainforests of four major Philippine islands - Luzon, Samar, Leyte and Mindanao.

A really interesting fact is that most eagles are monogamous! A couple remains together for a lifetime.