Family Photo

Hi, Thought I'd share a more recent photo of us as a family!
Mikayla has really gotten tall this past year.
Kirsten and Ben have each added an additional inch or two in height also.

We've been through many changes this past year and we thank God for all our friends and family supporting us to be here!

Kurt and I really enjoy our work here. The kids are thriving and doing well. We thank God for His blessings. May all we do and say be to His Glory!

Blessings to each of you at this holiday time!

Kirsten's Photography

Kirsten loves to take photos. She has an artistic flair for pictures. I love to see how she captures the light, mood, etc....Enjoy the following sampling of her pictures.

We may have to get her her own camera some day!!!
(Below are photos we've taken of her!!!)

Angel Alert

The elementary grades at our children's school performed "Angel Alert"
today for Friday Chapel. They will perform it again tonight for the parents. I took pictures this morning as, with our camara, they turn out better in the light.

What a blessing the music teachers are here. They do a great job with the kids!!!!

Ben is one tired angel!

Kirsten sang a solo and played the part of Mary.
She had been very nervous but did a great job!!!

Men's Retreat for Missionaries

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go on a men's retreat with my missionary co-workers. The theme of the retreat was courage. It was very refreshing in every way. We had four in-depth devotional sessions on the theme of courage and what that means for a Christian man. We had excellent fellowship with one another, great food, and a little adventure to boot.

The retreat was held at a cabin about 1.5 hours by car away at an elevation of about 4000 feet. That meant that it was cool, which was quite a refreshing change for us since in the city we are at sea level. In fact, I neglected to pack my jacket mostly because I had trouble imagining that it could/would get cool enough for me to need it!

Here we are starting out on our Saturday morning hike to a cave. This was the easy part of the hike.

This is the entrance of the main cave that we visited.

The cave had an underground river running through it.

Sitting down for some great food and good conversation.

A devotional session during one of the evenings.

A large beetle that I was trying to pick up. He would latch his legs onto the material so well that I couldn't get him into my hand.


The kids had Friday off so we decided to start baking Christmas cookies. We turned on Christmas carol CD music and made roll out and chocolate chip.

We need to make lots as we've been told many carolers come to the door during the holiday season. We plan to pass out cookies!

Ben really enjoyed helping crack eggs and mix the flour in by hand. We made a friend's recipe that makes like 10 - 12 dozen cookies!!

Kirsten really enjoyed rolling out sugar cookies. She was glad we had a Michigan cookie cutter to make some Michigan cookies. She misses her cousins and friends,.....more so now with the holidays coming.

Kirsten and Ben rolling out cookies.

Our good friend, Beth, helping the kids frost cookies!

Some of the finished product.