Hospital Update

As I write, Beth and Jerald are at the hospital (it is 10:30 pm here) and I am home with the other kids including James. Everything is ready for surgery tomorrow at 1 pm.

The hospital is quite nice though here in the Philippines things are done a little differently. For example, in almost all hospitals (except for the one that we are in) the patient's family is responsible for finding the prescriptions. There are no drugs to purchase at the hospital so that often means getting around town trying to find a pharmacy with the needed prescription. One of the reasons why we chose this hospital was so that we didn't have to do that during Jerald's hospital stay.

Another example: today I took a friend to the Red Cross to be a blood donor for Jerald. After the blood was drawn in the morning, I came back to the Red Cross after 5 pm and picked up the blood myself and took it back to the hospital for storage until tomorrow. I'm glad I didn't drop it!

In the hospital the family is expected to care for the patient. The nurses will do the technical stuff but it falls on the family to take care of the patient. In our case, we have hired a private nurse to help Beth through this first night with Jerald. Generally it is expected that there will be two people with the patient at all times. We will see how it goes. This is our first hospital stay here in the Philippines so we are being a little conservative in our choices.

Thanks for your prayers.


We found a donor of AB+ blood for Jerald. Kurt and the donor are at the Red Cross this morning to have the blood donated and processed! Praise God!

Jerald's Surgergy - part 1

Jerald has been cleared for surgery and it is scheduled for Wednesday at 1 p.m.!

Please pray for the surgery to go well, pray for the surgeon and anesthesiologist. Pray for Jerald!


We are so pleased his surgery will be so soon! His head has grown 1 inch in circumference in 11 days. It is now 19 inches around. It is also noticeably heavier. It has been much harder to bathe him and manage his head while feeding, etc.

Pray also we can find a unit of AB+ blood to have on hand. While on one hand the medical care here is great, on the other hand it is frustrating. The patient and their family are in charge of picking up the medicines needed and finding blood units for surgery as needed.
The hospital has some stock on hand but not much. So as I blog this, Kurt is out asking the one AB+ person we know if they'd be willing to go to the Red Cross to donate a pint of blood for Jerald!!!!

Symanzik's Household

I write this as James squirms on my lap and Jerald sleeps....just wanted to share some pics!!!!

Ben and James



James and Jerald size difference

Kirsten and Ben and James

Kirsten and James


Jerald Update

Well, I took Jerald to the pediatrician on Monday.
After lab work and a chest x-ray was done it was discovered he has pneumonia.
Now he is on an antibiotic.
The lab work will get repeated on Saturday.
If his infection is clearing up, then we can get surgery scheduled.