Well, James has been complaining that he can't see well so I took him an eye exam and sure enough, he needs glasses. We got those today. He looks great in them. Now if only I had a camara that worked so I could take a picture to post here!!!!! I think I'll be asking for that for Christmas!!! :)

Pictures from Ben's Brown Belt Testing

Ben in action - go to this video

Back on Line

We obtained a new internet provider after 9 days of no repair and lots of empty promises. We are thankful to have internet again. Makes Kurt's work and attending online master degree courses much easier!

No Internet

Sunday it rained really hard.

it's not unusual for us to lose internet connection for a while after a hard thunder storm.

But we are on day four of no internet.

I'm at a local office using their internet to check emails, post my class assignments, etc.

Pray our internet comes back soon.

Our internet provider says the problem is fixed....but.....'s good to keep a sense of humour and go with the flow!!!!

Brown Belt Level 3

Ben passed his testing for brown belt level 3 last night. Details and pictures to follow soon!