School 2015-16

School has started!

Kirsten is in her senior year of high school and will graduate May 27, 2016.

Ben is in 8th grade.

James is in 2nd grade. I am homeschooling him and he attends Faith for specials like art class, PE, Philippine Heritage, music and computer class.

Mikayla and I are sharing elementary and middle school librarian duty. I'll be teaching library class to the elementary grades on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons. Mikayla will cover the Monday and Wednesday afternoon times.

Kurt is serving as vice-president on the school board for this year. We are all thankful for the good Christian International school for missionary children our kids are privileged to attend!
Learn more about Faith International Academy at

Ben is 14

Today, August 3rd, is Ben's birthday! He has welcomed in his birthday day by having an all-night Lord of the Rings movie marathon with friends. As I write this, 7a our time, the friends and Ben are tired and giddy - soon to disperse to homes and beds!

We will have a family party tonight for Ben.

Ben is growing in to a fine young Christian man.

Ben, may you continue to grow in wisdom and grace, following Christ all the days of your life. You are a blessing!

Love, Mom

New Family Photos 2015

A friend of ours, who is a photographer, took over 2000 photos of us in June. Don't worry! I won't post all 2000+ photos! But I will post some. And there are more to look at on my facebook account.


The people we are renting the house from for this year have a dog named Dude. He is a lab. He was staying with another family but it wasn't working out, so Dude is back here with us now. This works out well for us. We didn't want to buy another dog when we plan to be leaving the end of May 2016, so God provided us with Dude. I'd post a picture but my camera died.

It Still Works!

We are in a season of more frequent power outages, lasting 1 - 2 hours once or twice a day. Yesterday, our son, James, made us laugh when, after the power went out, he walked over to the piano, played a couple of the keys and exclaimed in great relief, "it still works!"

He is so technologically minded that the thought of something working without power seems to amaze him!!!