Jerard is Home

Jerard came home from the hospital today.

He has an IV antibiotic he's on as a precaution. That will be administered three times a day through a heparin lock until Wednesday.

The doctor is pleased with how the shunt seems to be working.
Pray no infection sets in!

His blood work has been improving, his cerebral spinal fluid is 'clean' and at this moment no infection seems to be anywhere!

It is nice to have a short hospital stay and it is nicer still to have him home!

We did get the results of the immunoassay test he had a while ago. While some antibodies are low there is no cause for concern.
It could be his body just working on getting better.
The immunoassay test will be repeated in a couple weeks to see if his antibodies are getting stronger.
Pray they are!!!

Post-Op Update

Jerard is doing quite well after his surgery on Wednesday. He is eating well and he does not have any fevers, etc. His neurosurgeon is hopeful that we will be discharged Saturday morning...yeah!


Jerard came through surgery #5 well.
He has a shunt on the left side of his head to drain the ventricles. Surgery started at 5p.m. yesterday and was done before 7.
He came back to the room around 9p.m.
Keep him and us in your prayers.

Hospitalization Number 5

As I write this, Beth and Jerard are at the hospital checking in for the fifth hospital stay. Jerard's fifth surgery is scheduled for tomorrow at 1pm to install a second shunt (actually the third, but the first had to be removed at the last hospital stay due to infection).

Please pray for the effectiveness of this new shunt. We are praying that this will be the final surgery and hospitaliztion for a long time and that the shunt will work as it is supposed to. Please also pray that Jerard may remain infection free and that the hospitalization will be relatively short. The doctor thought that we might be out by Saturday or Sunday as long as there were no complications.

6 months old

April 26 James and Jerard are 6 months old!

3 days shy of 6 months old

May God continue to bless them and may they grow in His wisdom and His grace. May they always seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness. May God continue to grant us the wisdom we need to raise all of our children in His ways. We thank God for bringing James and Jerard into our family.

How they've changed!

2 months - a day or two after we received the boys. They were not healthy or happy at that point.

3 months

4 months

4 1/2 months

5 months