Middle School Banquet

Every year the Middle School has a banquet for the 6 - 8th graders.
This year's banquet was at a local restaraunt. The kids dress up nice, have a nice meal, play some games, and enjoy an 'end-of-shcool-year-party' with their teachers.

Mikayla and her friends had a great time leading up to the banquet shopping for dresses and shoes. Finding dressy size 9.5 women's shoes here is quite a feat, but we accomplished it!!!! (Most shoe stores carry up to size 7 or 8 womens).
One of the teachers did Mikayla's hair the day of the banquet.

Mikayla had a great time at the banquet. She is growing into a fine young lady and I thank God for her!

Good News

Jerard had his stitches out today.
He is doing great.
The neurosurgeon doesn't want to see him until August unless there are any problems.
He is also praying Jerard stays healthy and the shunts don't get infections.
So are we. Please join us in that prayer.

Silly Faces

Oh, the silly faces we catch on camara sometimes!!!!!!

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to every mother reading this.

I thank God for the children he has given to me. I pray they each continue to grow in His wisdom and grace. I pray they each always seek first His kingdom and His righteousness. And, I thank God for granting me wisdom and grace as a mother to raise them each in His ways.

Mikayla is growing into a fine young lady. She is very gifted in writing. She is a good friend to others, and patient (for the most part) with her siblings. She and I enjoy going out for coffee!

Kirsten is very artistic. She enjoys spending time 'creating concoctions' for science experiments. She has a good sense of humor and enjoys caring for her baby brothers. She, also, is growing into a fine young lady. She enjoys frequenting the one craft store we've found here in Davao!

Ben is 'all boy.' He loves to play sports like football, basketball, baseball. He enjoys playing army games. He is becoming a good reader. He enjoys helping Kirsten with her 'concoctions.' He also loves to play with his baby brothers!

James is 'holding his own' (bottle, that is!) He has a smile that can melt your heart. He loves to scoot around in his walker, play with toys, enjoys eating papaya, rice cereal, rice, mongo beans, squash, carrots, green beans, potatoes, etc. He came to us sickly but is now robust and healthy.

Jerard is getting better. The new shunt seems to be working well. He is smiling, starting on rice cereal, playing with toys. He has a very calm, peaceful spirit about him. He loves to cuddle.

4th Grade Field Trip

Kirsten's 4th grade class went to the Mindanao Philippine Culture Center yesterday. I was blessed with the opportunity to go along.

This is a rice thresher. The rice is put on the platform and stomped on by feet. The rice falls to the mat below.

Up on the rice thresher. It felt wobbly but fun!

In a rice storage hut.

The cultural center put on a show of traditional music and dance. It was beautiful to watch them perform on the instruments and dance in their beautifully woven outfits.


Traditional dance

Kirsten and her classmates had the opportunity to play the traditional instruments.

Good use of the logs!

Playing on a traditional family hammock outside the hut

House on a hillside. The 'steps' are thick logs notched out to climb up to the house on.

There were several examples of huts in the cultural center village. Some of the huts are very small, maybe 6'x8'. Cooking is done in these bamboo huts by lighting a fire in a box filled with sand.

The cooking box.

Example of a chief's hut. The chief's hut tends to be bigger than the others in the village.

Hut by the river.

Our guide, language teacher, Philippine culture teacher at Faith academy and good friend, Ate Bebe! She came with the 4th graders to explain more about what they were seeing and to answer questions.