Images from the week June 1 - 7

Thought I'd share a photo diary of some events from our week with you all!

Our good friends left Davao this week to move to Nepal.

Kids at our friends' gate.

Kirsten with two friends celebrating her birthday early before they go visit relatives in Korea for the summer break.

James pulls himself up to standing now and is starting to crawl well.

Mikayla and Bear. Mikayla is enjoying the slower pace of summer life. She's finding time to knit, read what she wants to, and play more with Bear. She's also helping me get back in shape with morning workouts!

Ben has inherited 3 box turtles from two families who've left Davao. He and 'Gardner Mike' are building a turtle corral in the yard with bamboo.

Arlene arranging flowers for a group meeting and dinner.

Mom and Jerard. Jerard rolled over by himself on Friday! He is making much progress and now weighs almost as much as his brother, James.

Dear friends from church, Rosario and Michael. It was Rosario's birthday today and they hosted a Thanksgiving Celebration in her honor.

The party was no small gathering! Michael and Rosario held it on the grounds of one of the companies they own and operate. It was very festive. Lunch included traditional birthday foods of lechon (roast pig), lechon manok (roast chicken), spaghetti and pancit. You'll notice many people are wearing red shirts; red is the Chinese color for happiness and is worn for parties, Chinese New Year, and other celebrations!.

A view of the ocean and beach from the birthday party area.

Culture Adaptation!!!

The other day we were watching "My Big Fat Greek Wedding."

One of the opening shots is of the dad and grown daughter sitting in a car at 5 a.m. They are stopped at a red light waiting for it to turn green. There is no other traffic around.

I thought to myself "Why aren't they going?"
Then I had to tell myself it's a US film!

Here, you'd never see anyone wait for a light unless a traffic cop is around!!!!!

Jerard's Eye Sight

Jerard saw an ophthalmologist today.
The doctor dilated Jerard's eyes so he could view the optical nerve. Jerard's optical nerve is pale which indicates that it is not working well. Optic nerve atrophy is the term he used.

He seems to see light and shadows, but he does not fix his gaze on objects or track with his eyes.

There is a test that could be done to clarify the extent to which the optical nerve is working but it would involve flying up to Manila to have it done.

And in the doctor's words, it wouldn't tell us a whole lot more than what he has told us and my motherly instinct has felt....Jerard sees light and shadows and responds more to touch and sound than any visual stimuli.

At this point, we will not pursue that test.

We will just keep on loving him, praying for him, touching him, singing to him, talking to him....he is a blessing and I thank God for bringing this special 'special needs' little boy into our lives.

Fun In the Sand

Kirsten and her friends had a great time at the end of the school year beach party burying each other in the sand!


Summer break has started for our kids.

We are thankful for the teachers our kids have had. Mikayla, Kirsten, and Ben had great teachers and did very well in their studies.

Ben with his teacher at the year-end beach party.

Summer brings many goodbyes, partings, and reunions.

Kirsten's two good friends from school are coming over today for an early birthday party for her. They both leave later this week to go to Korea for the summer so we decided to have an early friend birthday party.

Ben spent last night at his friend's house. Isaac and Elliott and family are moving to Nepal Wednesday. They will be greatly missed.

One of my good friends left a couple weeks ago. Two other good friends leave this week, one for a year furlough, one to another country.

That's the nature of the transient missions community. Enjoy your friends while they are here, know that somewhere down the road our paths may cross again, be thankful for email and skype; and know for all eternity we will share life together with Christ.