they are just part of life here. They are everywhere. In homes,offices, schools, stores, etc....... usually in small numbers.....

but, sometimes, a mob congregates to attack some spilled food or dead animal.....and they do that very quickly!

which is what I woke up to in our kitchen after my Sunday afternoon nap!

A lizard had gotten caught between the closing door and the door frame.....

Ants were making it lunch!!!

Needless to say, I sprayed all those little critters and ruined their lunch time for them!!!!


Summer break has started for our kids.

We are thankful for the teachers our kids have had. Mikayla, Kirsten, and Ben had great teachers and did very well in their studies.

Ben with his teacher at the year-end beach party.

Summer brings many goodbyes, partings, and reunions.

Kirsten's two good friends from school are coming over today for an early birthday party for her. They both leave later this week to go to Korea for the summer so we decided to have an early friend birthday party.

Ben spent last night at his friend's house. Isaac and Elliott and family are moving to Nepal Wednesday. They will be greatly missed.

One of my good friends left a couple weeks ago. Two other good friends leave this week, one for a year furlough, one to another country.

That's the nature of the transient missions community. Enjoy your friends while they are here, know that somewhere down the road our paths may cross again, be thankful for email and skype; and know for all eternity we will share life together with Christ.


It's been quite a week here for utilities!

We've been without internet for 3 or 4 days (but now, obviously, it's fixed!) It was finally fixed this afternoon.

We've had power outages and water stoppages several times this week.

Today, again, we have no running water
so when it started pouring rain tonight,
we took advantage of the shower and went outside to cool off, shampoo our hair and wash up a bit!!!

Year End Ceremony

Mikayla, Kirsten, and Ben's school had a year end ceremony on Friday May 23.
It was a very nice ceremony honoring parent volunteers, teachers that are leaving, and 8th grade graduates.
Flags from all the countries represented at the school were marched in by the 6th and 7th grades; then the elementary kids sang the Philippine National Anthem.

The kindergarten class sang a praise song they have been learning and the middle school 6th and 7th graders sang a couple very nice songs that sounded great.

Then the 8th graders were given certificates of moving up into high school. Each of the 8th graders shared a short speech about school high lights, people they are thankful for in their lives, and a Bible verse that holds special meaning to them. Then there was a power point presentation with photos of each of the 8th graders from their younger years.

Next year it will be Mikayla's turn to participate in the 8th grade graduation ceremony!

This week the kids are wrapping up their school year. The K - 3rd graders are heading to the beach Wednesday, 4th and 5th graders on Thursday. Class parties are planned.

Our kids are looking forward to summer break.

We plan to focus on language learning a bit more intensely this summer as a family, along with trips to the beach, a vacation, etc...

Eating Time at Baby Corral

Jerard is just starting out eating rice cereal and squash. He has been making many improvements in health and motor activity since his last hospital stay. He smiles more, plays with toys, sits in the johnny jump up seat recently sent to us, coos, eats more. It is a blessing to see the improvements.

James enjoys wearing his food almost as much as eating it! Actually, he is so active, even with a spoon in his mouth, he bounces and food ends up smeared on his face! He loves squash, papaya, rice, tuna, oatmeal, banana, etc.