Answer to Prayer

We are finding out that Jerard really likes rougher textures!

Today, he played with coarse pebbles during therapy. He also was smiling and stayed awake the whole hour of therapy!

He was picking the pebbles up in his hands and enjoying having his feet in the coarse, tiny pebbles while he was sitting and doing other exercise...but he didn't realize he was exercising!

It is amazing to watch him be interested and awake and starting to play more. We thank God for the wisdom and guidance he is providing Liezel and us as we help our little guy grow!

A Day Of Firsts

Yesterday, August 5th, was a day of 'firsts'!

Ben lost his first tooth!

Jerard fed himself a cracker while sitting in the high chair for the first time ever.

He also showed interest in playing yesterday for the first time ever!

Monday August 4

Ben had a party with some friend today.

I took them to Discovery City which is like a large McDonald's playland with slides, tunnels, ball pit, etc.

Then we ate lunch at McDonald's, came home,
had cake and ice cream, smashed a pinata,
and then watched an Indiana Jones movie.

Jerard is actually holding on to the toys!!!!

Tieg is like Ben's big brother. He's a good friend, a blessing, and the boys really enjoy playing with him!

Ben Is Seven

Ben turned 7 yesterday (August 3).

We pray that he continues to grow in wisdom and grace; that he always seeks first God's kingdom and His righteousness.
We thank God for the blessing Ben is.

Kurt teaching Ben pocket knife safety

Ben playing with a croc at Crocodile Park.

Mikayla, Kirsten and Ben riding a croc!

James and Jerard were enjoying the ride!

Kurt and kids at Crocodile Park

What's a birthday without cake?

Jerard's Therapy

We have been blessed with a wonderful physical therapist for Jerard.
Her name is Liezel and she works at Resources For The Blind, a Christian Mission agency for the blind and their families.

He is starting to show some interest in objects placed in his hands.

His balance is slowly, slowly, slowly getting better.

Pray that he will be able to sit up on his own and roll over on his own.

Mikayla has been coming with me when I take Jerard to therapy. She is getting really interested in Physical Therapy and working with special needs kids.

Praise God he has been staying healthy.

Pray that he won't fall asleep so easily, even while standing!!!