Baby Gates

Kurt and Ben working on baby gates.

James loves to crawl around so we have found it necessary to put up baby gates for his safety and our sanity!

We had two baby gates built for two stairwells, and now Ben and Kurt are doing a father-son project of building a baby gate to keep our little crawler out of the kitchen.

Jerard's Smile 2

This little guy's smile just warms my heart so much!!!!

10 Months Old

James and Jerard will be 10 months old tomorrow!
It has been amazing to see how they have changed in the 8 months we have had them.
We thank God that they are both healthy and doing well!

James is very mobile and we are having some baby gates made to help 'baby proof' the house.

Jerard is starting to roll over on his own....3 times in the past 4 days or so! It's good to see him showing more interest in his world, vocalizing more, staying awake more!!!!

Kadayawan Festival

Yearly, the Kadayawan Festival is held here in Davao.

"Kadayawan", a Dabawnon expression for anything that is excellent and that brings great fortune. It is derived from the aboriginal word "dayao" which means good or "madayaw", things that are of great value or is profitable, superior or beneficial.

Kurt, Mikayla, Kirsten, and Ben went to see some of the tribal dancing the other night.

Today Ben, James, Jerard, and I went with Filipino friends to a park near City Hall with native huts set up in them.

This weekend is the big weekend of celebration and dancing.

Scenes from last year's Kadayawan celebration...

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Happenings in Mindanao

There has been unrest going on in Mindanao.
Official reports are that fighting is 2 hours away from Davao.
Colleagues report it's closer than that.
Pray for the peace of the Philippines.

On a personal note, we are 'safe' in Davao. Security is good and the mayor is very committed to peace and safety here.

From BBC News Website..........

"Extra troops have been deployed in the southern Philippines, a day after separatist rebel raids on several towns left about 30 people dead.

Hundreds of Muslim rebels attacked towns in Lanao del Norte on Monday, looting shops and burning houses.

A spokesman for the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) said a renegade commander was to blame for the attacks......."
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