Boneless Bangus

When we first came to the Philippines, friends of ours would eat boneless bangus and I thought it was disgusting to eat a fish that still had it's head on.

But guess what I really enjoy eating now?

Yep! That's right!

Boneless Bangus.

It is lami kaayo!!! (Very good!!!)

Prior to cooking

Grilling bangus

Our week or so

Hi! It's so nice having a husband that can fix computer problems! Now I can share some photos from the past few weeks with you!

Bear, James, and Kirsten enjoying a pile of rocks we had gotten to put in the lawn area for mud control

papaya in our yard


Our three boys. James 'kissing' Jerard.

Jerard asleep with his favourite stuffed toy, Elmo

Mikayla and Kirsten '50 years from now' for Spirit week at school. Mikayla plans on being a Grandma baking cookies with her grand kids. Kirsten plans on being an active explorer.

Mikayla on 'Hero Day'. She dressed in military in honor of her cousin Sgt. Jason Cassing who is serving in Iraq.

Updates on computer, etc....


Kurt is working on our computer problem. I have email again! No pics yet, but that is all coming! It's handy being married to a computer guy when the technology decides to take a nose dive!!!


Kurt travels to the US starting Oct. 24 for a computer technical conference in Waxhaw NC at the JAARS center.
On Nov. 2 he will fly to Detroit and spend 8 days reconnecting with family, supporters, friends. Obviously, in that short time he won't be able to see everyone,......but next summer we will see as many people as possible while we are back in the states for 8 weeks.

I've teased him that the kids and I will have wild parties while he's gone! Actually, we'll miss him and stay busy with daily life activities of school, etc!

He will leave from the Detroit airport on Nov 10 and return to Davao Nov. 13.

Pray for his travel safety, etc....

Computer Problem / Updates

Hi, It's been 6 days since I computer decided to make a nose dive and crash into computer Kurt is working on recovering info for me and setting me up with a new operating environment, etc.....


Ben has had a fever all week. He finally, today, went all day without a fever; tho he still has a cough.

Being a nice big brother he has shared whatever bug that has been bugging him with James and Jerard. They each have a low-grade fever but no coughs!


James has started walking a few steps on his own!


The babies are 11 months old today!


School continues to go well for each of our children.

Kurt and I are enjoying our work and are thankful to be on the mission field.

Thanks for all your prayers!!!!!


I subscribe to a magazine for women missionaries. Recently they requested pictures from women around the world with a Bible verse that relates to the pic. I submitted a pic and you can view it at the web address below.

Ben is walking on a road in Bagabag.

(I would've posted the pic but don't know how to resize it without the aid of my resize program that is not available until my computer is fixed!!!)