Computer Problem / Updates

Hi, It's been 6 days since I computer decided to make a nose dive and crash into computer Kurt is working on recovering info for me and setting me up with a new operating environment, etc.....


Ben has had a fever all week. He finally, today, went all day without a fever; tho he still has a cough.

Being a nice big brother he has shared whatever bug that has been bugging him with James and Jerard. They each have a low-grade fever but no coughs!


James has started walking a few steps on his own!


The babies are 11 months old today!


School continues to go well for each of our children.

Kurt and I are enjoying our work and are thankful to be on the mission field.

Thanks for all your prayers!!!!!


I subscribe to a magazine for women missionaries. Recently they requested pictures from women around the world with a Bible verse that relates to the pic. I submitted a pic and you can view it at the web address below.

Ben is walking on a road in Bagabag.

(I would've posted the pic but don't know how to resize it without the aid of my resize program that is not available until my computer is fixed!!!)

CTC '08

Every two years the computer department of our mission organization hold a Computer Conference in Waxhaw, NC.

Kurt's department has the funds to purchase the round trip ticket he needs to get there so Kurt will be attending.

It is the last full week of October.

Pray for traveling safety and provision for his other needs (housing, food, etc.)

Picture Day

Today is Picture Day at the school. So I decided to take pictures of each of our children before Mikayla and Kirsten left for school this morning!






and a picture of the new kitten Kirsten received from a friend! Meet Tarry!!!!!


The Crescent Through the Eyes of the Cross

Need a fresh Christian perspective on sharing the gospel with Muslims? Want to understand a little more about how Muslims think and what they value? Then maybe the book, "The Crescent Through the Eyes of the Cross: Insights from an Arab Christian" is for you.

I just finished the book myself and I appreciate the perspective that I gained from this Arab Christian who has spent his life grappling with the issue of loving and communicating the gospel to Muslims.

Here in the Philippines, especially in the south, there is a significant Muslim population. There are communities of Muslims that live closer than a mile from our house. I have friends that minister to Muslims groups in this part of the country.

Yet, I have also found that many Christians, both Filipino and non-Filipino, are frightened or at least wary of their Muslims neighbors. And I suspect that the same holds true for the other direction: Muslims are suspicious of Christians as well.

Well, I don't want to continue like that. While I cannot change the attitude of anyone else, I can change my attitude. This book has helped me a lot.

It is Ramadan right now, the time of fasting and prayer for Muslims around the world. Maybe we as Christians should do a little soul searching as well during this time? I know other Christians think this way as well. For more information, check out this website: Loving Muslims Through Prayer.