Christmas Decorating

Decorating the tree

The kids talked me into putting our Christmas decorations up this past weekend.

Lots of people here have their decorations up September 1! That's also when the stores and malls start playing Christmas music.

We set our tree up in an alcove of the hallway where babygates protect it from the pulling hands of James!

Nothing like setting up decorations while sweating from the heat (95 with high humidity!)

Kirsten and Ben with James after the tree is decorated

Shopping at a Roadside vendor

Durian- a fruit that tastes like a cross between onions and garlic - people usually either love it or really dislike it. Kurt, the kids and I are on the side of not liking it!

Mangosteen - yummy!!!!!

Sayote - a less expensive alternative to baking with apples. Also good for using in recipes that ask for zucchini or summer squash

Pomelo - a wonderfully sweet, grapefruit like, fruit.

An ox and driver passing by with a cart. Note the cart has no wheels.

Mikayla's 14th Birthday

Mikayla is 14!!!!!!!!!

The years have gone by fast from when she was a baby. Now she is 14!!!

What a blessing she is!

Chicken Anyone?

The live chicken area at the market is an interesting spot.

Here you can pick out your chicken,

take it home to kill it yourself or keep as a pet,

or have them kill and clean it for you.....fresh meat!!!!

But hey, since Mikayla knows how to kill chicken we could take it home live and have her kill it!!!! (search our blog for article and pictures of Mikayla killing a chicken!)

Call To Missions


The kids and I just listened to an excellent message by John Piper
entitled "Proclaiming the Excellencies of Christ, Not Prosperity, Among the Nations."

Take 38 minutes and listen to it!