7 year old Blessing!

"Hey Mom, I've got great news for you!" Ben said excitedly to me the other day.

"What's that, hon?" I answered.

"Of all our family you'll be the first one to go to Heaven and see Jesus!"

"How do you know that?" I said with a smile and a heart that was melting with happiness at his passion for Christ and spending eternity in Heaven.

"Because you are the oldest and the tallest of us all!"

Duet. 29:29The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may follow all the words of this law.

Psalm 139:16 All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.

Update on Rachel

Rachel is still in the hospital. Her fever has gone down. She has pneumonia and they are still doing one more test to confirm if she has dengue. She continues to have stomach upset and doesn't sleep well. The only food she is able to keep down without problems are bananas and apples.
Keep her and her Mom in your prayers. Thanks.


Mikayla is on the High School/Middle School Girl's Soccer Team.
They will be traveling to Manila the end of this month for ISAC Tournaments (International Schools Activities Conference). She is very excited. She plays defense and goalie.

The girls were supposed to play a travel team today but that team canceled out a few days ago. The coach asked the Moms if they'd be willing to play against their daughters to give them some practice. So some of the Moms and some of the mid-wives from Mercy Maternity Clinic played against the girls today.
I went into the game figuring the girls would trample us but we did well against them. Final score was 4 - 2.
It was a lot of fun playing. Some of us ladies decided to try and start a women's soccer team to play once a week. I may have to buy some soccer cleats now!!!

Me playing on the "Raging Mommas" team

Some of our team

Mikayla in action as defense

Mikayla in goalie position

Please Pray for Rachel

Rachel and Maricel

Pray for Rachel to get well soon, wisdom for the doctors, financial provisions for Maricel to cover the hospital and medicine costs, and peace for Maricel and Rachel.

Rachel is Maricel's two-year old daughter. She was admitted to a local hospital last night with a high fever that isn't going down (104f/40c), vomiting, and diarrhea. We are still waiting to hear a diagnosis.

Maricel is a single mom who is going to school for computer programming and works part-time for us to help support her daughter and herself. She is a blessing.

Salamat Kaayo! (Many Thanks)!

A Note From Jerard


Just wanted you all to know I am very busy these days. I go to Resources for the Blind two times a week for occupational therapy. I am learning how to feel around for things, feed myself, sit up on my own, keep my balance, and exercising to walk.
I also have physical therapy three times a week. "Teacher Liziel" (that's what I call her) comes to our house to work with me. Sometimes I cry because she makes me work my muscles and I get tired. But my Mom says I'm sitting up more and more like a big boy. Teacher Liziel thinks I may walk in the next 6 months, too!

At RFB with Lola Arlene and Kuya Ben

Practicing walking with Teacher Anna at RFB

Learning to take my shoes off with Teachers Daisy and Anna

Sitting in a box playing with balls. It's fun to feel around for the balls.

One day I will have to learn braille. Kuya Ben is standing
by the big braille alphabet at RFB.

This is Bear. My Mom likes to throw a random picture of our
cute dog in once in a while. All I know is that he feels BIG

Here I am working with Teacher Liziel at home. My Mom
will have to take more pics to show you more because I
can 'climb a mountain' and 'walk' to the table for snacks.

Thanks for all your prayers for me!

Love, Jerard