Soccer, Soccer

The High School/Middle School Girls Soccer Team of Faith Academy is going to the ISAC tournaments next week in Manila. Pray for safe travels for them.

This past weekend some of the team played in a '7 out' tournament the city held. Faith tied for 2nd place. The girls did a great job.

The team that played in the '7 Out' tourney

Mikayla stopping a goal

Mikayla in defensive action

Running the Race

"May I run the race before me,
Strong and brave to face the foe,
Looking only unto Jesus
As I onward go."

(Scenes from the recent Track and Field Day held at Faith Academy).

Down By The River

Kids like these three live 'under the bridge' on a busy road here in
Davao. They live along the rivers' edge that leads to the ocean.

Housing like this along the river is common here

Update on Joy

Joy is home from the hospital as of today. But keep praying for her. Dengue can be very hard to get over and can take months. It makes you very tired and at times there are flare-ups of the symptoms. Thanks.

Please Pray for Joy

There are only three girls in Kirsten's grade and all three have been good friends since we moved here.Joy is one of Kirsten's classmates. She is very sick and in the hospital with dengue fever. Please pray for her to get well soon.Thanks.