Prayer Request

Please pray that this swine flu pandemic does not curtail our flying to the USA in 3 weeks. Our plan is to leave May 23 to fly to the USA. So far no cases of swine flu have been reported in the Philippines. Thanks for your prayers.

Happenings of late.....(Part 2)......

I had to do two parts to recent happenings because the computer wasn't downloading the pictures I needed off the camera, but thanks to my computer-savvy husband, now it is! Thanks Kurt!!!!!!!

Baseball for Ben has finished up on Wednesday. He really enjoys sports and fishing.

Ben with some of his team mates

Ben getting trophy

James and Jerard are doing well. James is busy. Jerard is slowly improving.

Happenings of late.....(Part 1)....

Mikayla recently went to the Middle School Banquet. She looked very nice all dressed up!

Joseph Chalmers and Mikayla - at banquet as friends

Kirsten's 5th grade class recently took a field trip to the Mindanao Rural Life Center which trains farmers on farming techniques. It was a very fascinating tour.

If you come visit us, I'll take you there. It is a fascinating place to go.


Faith Academy recently had a concert. All the groups did very well. We are blessed with two great music teachers.
Ben has been going to music at Faith. The song they sang was very sweet.

Kirsten played percussion for the 5th/6th grade band, but it's hard to get a good picture of her when she's at the back of the stage, so here's a pic of her while sitting listening to her sister's band.

Mikayla played clarinet in the 7th/8th grade band. It sounded great. They did a great medley of "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie music!

Mission Retreat

Our mission agency had a retreat all day today, the first annual for our office. There were many wonderful presentations and speakers throughout the day. I was invited to share a short message to close the evening. Since it was nearly 8 pm by the time I was to speak, I knew it had to be concise and short.

Together in God's Rock Tumbler