Pictures from our past week or so............

Kirsten and Hannah styling Grandpa's hair!

Mikayla looking like a movie star!

Ben pulling in the kayak after an enjoyable time kayaking!

Kurt sharing at one of our supporting churches!

Me in my father-in-law's airplane getting ready for a flight!


The other morning I woke Ben up to have him shower and get ready for the day's events. After about 10 minutes I realized I did not hear him showering so I knocked on the bathroom door. When I got no reply I opened the door to find that he had fallen asleep on the bathroom floor!!!!!

(Yes, our schedule has been busy and enjoyable, but this week we are trying to get some 'down time' in as we have all been feeling very tired!!!)


Our sending church is holding VBS this week.
We've been helping out by teaching the kids about missions and also teaching them the song "Kini Ang Adlaw" ("This is the Day").

Our VBS is raising money to help with Christmas gifts for the kids who attend the Dumoy Children's Bible Club that Pastor James and Jocy run.

The kids are learning the song so we can video tape them singing it and play it for the Dumoy kids!

Besides lots of singing, there is Bible story, crafts, snack and games!

Kurt showing where the Philippines are!

Kurt teaching about missions and what we do.

VBS opening sing time

Amazing Margie at the piano for sing time.

Mikayla and Hannah running the powerpoint for sing time

Mikayla and Ben are helping teach "Kini Ang Adlaw"!

"Kini Ang Adlaw" words.

Kirsten with her friend, Emma

Another sing time group shot!

Ben with a craft

Kurt teaching a Bible Story!


We skyped the other day with James and Jerard.
It was so good to see our little guys. We miss them very much.
It was so good to see them both looking well. Can't wait to hold them each again in my arms!!!!!!

Our family looking at James and Jerard on the computer screen.

James seemed a little bewildered by hearing and seeing us but
not being able to touch us in real life...he was touching the screen
to try and touch us....

Jerard wasn't so sure about all the sounds and headphones...


We spent four wonderful days in Northern Michigan

Silver Lake at Sunset

with Kurt's brother and his wife and their kids (Kent, Anne, Hannah, and Michael.)
What a blessing to have wonderful in-laws and friends.

Kent, Anne, Hannah, and Michael - family time on the hammock!

We had a great time boating, hiking, talking, shopping, exploring a beach for Petosky stones, eating ice cream, etc!!!!!

Kirsten flew up to the lake with her grandpa!

Grandpa Gene and Kirsten with his plane.