Football (Soccer)

After School Football started last night. There are about 40 elementary kids involved in the program and many parents.

The program runs twice a week for 5 weeks. The kids really enjoy it.

Ben's favourite sport is football (soccer)!

Elise and Amy, THANK YOU for taking photos while I coached!

Our week

Jerard really enjoys his OT at Resources for the Blind

Kurt at work

Kirsten and her friend, Meranda, at the beach. The kids had no school
on Friday so we went to the beach for a few hours!

James, ready for fun in the water!

Ben and his friend, Joel, playing in the sand

Mikayla, cooking in the kitchen!


James and Jerard are a lot of fun....enjoy some pictures!

Enjoying Ice Cream!

Jerard enjoyed feeling the cold ice cream and rubbing it on his chest.

James' favourite stuffed animal is this Tigger.
At nap time and night time, Tigger has to be with him or he
can't/won't go to sleep! It is adorable to watch him cuddle with

Jerard's balance is getting better and he can actually sit
in the rocking chair without slumping down and out!

Jerard's favourite item to chew on is string of any kind!

James came up with this idea all on his own.
He put the wheels of his scooter over the brace of the stroller
so that while Lola pushes Jerard in the stroller, James can
have a ride, too!

Play time. Jerard plays in a box to keep him sitting up right.



Psalms 127: 3Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD...

Beth Mari

Beth Mari turned 1 year old while we were in the USA. (July 3)
Our friends, James and Jocy had us over for a belated party with
Beth Mari.

Beth Mari

Friends enjoying good food and fellowship!

James riding Uncle James' motorbike backwards!

James and Ben on Uncle James' bike!

Kuya Ben giving Jerard a 'dirt bike' ride!

No Merit of my own

I really was blessed to read this by John Piper.......

"I was born into a believing family through no merit of my own at all. I was given a mind to think and a heart to feel through no merit of my own at all. I was brought into the hearing of the gospel through no merit of my own at all. My rebellion was subdued, my hardness removed, my blindness overcome, and my deadness awakened through no merit of my own at all.

Thus I became a believer in Christ through no merit of my own at all. And so I am an heir of God with Christ through no merit of my own at all. Now when I put forward effort to please the Lord who bought me, this is to me no merit at all, because is not I, but the grace of God that is with me. (1 Cor. 15:10) ...God is working in me that which is pleasing in his sight. (Heb. 13:21) ...he fulfills every resolve for good by his power. (2 Thess. 1:11) And therefore there is no ground for boasting in myself, but only in God's mighty grace. Let him who boasts, boast in the Lord. (1 Cor. 1:31)"

Oh, How He loves us!