Fan Repair

Fans are a necessary item here. They also tend not to last long.
Bert has become our 'suki' for fixing fans!

It's great to have the repair guy come right to our house and repair things in the walkway of the house.

('suki' means 'favoured vendor')


Mikayla wanted to try something different with her hair so today she went from straight........

to curly! And she really likes it! So do we!!!!

From White to Yellow

Ben had testing today for Bushido Kai Karate and passed!
He is now a yellow belt!

Ben no longer needs his white belt!

One of the requirements was to break a one inch board!
He broke it on his first try. He got to keep the board!

Congratulations, Ben!!!!!!!

The Girls

Kurt took a picture of Kirsten, Mikayla and I together the other morning before we left for church!

Adding Colour

We are slowly adding colour to this house....

in the piano area I painted one of the walls red. Kirsten painted a picture for our wall!!!!

and if you check previous blogs, you'll see Kirsten's colouful room (yellow and purple); Mikayla is painting her room pale yellow with green ivy accents.....and sometime I hope to paint the kitchen!