Prayer for a Quiet and Gentle Spirit

This prayer, by Jeremy Taylor, 1613-1667, comes from the book "Valley of Vision." Its an excellent read!

"Almighty God, give to Thy servant a meek and gentle spirit that may
be slow to anger and easy to mercy and forgiveness. Give me a wise
and constant heart, that I may never be moved to an intemperate
anger for any injury that is done or offered.
Lord, let me ever be courteous, and easy to be entreated;
let me never fall into a peevish* or contentious spirit, but follow peace
with all men; offering forgiveness, inviting them by courtesies, ready
to confess my own errors, apt to make amends,
and desirous to be reconciled.
Let no sickness or cross accident, no employment or weariness
make me angry or ungentle and discontented, or unthankful, or
uneasy to them that minister to me, but in all things make me like
unto the holy Jesus. Amen.

footnote:*"peevish" is an old English word meaning
1.cross, querulous, or fretful, as from vexation or discontent: a peevish youngster.
2. showing annoyance, irritation, or bad mood: a peevish reply; a peevish frown.
3. perverse or obstinate.

Mother-Daughter Fun!

Mikayla and I have each been wanting a second ear piercing in our ears so today we went to the mall and had it done!

I thank God for all my kids and for the fun times I have with each one of them!

Hagimit Falls

Today, since there was no school, we took Ben and two of his friends, Joel and Michael, to Hagimit Falls on Samal Island.

We enjoyed being out at the falls. It is a beautiful place.
If you come visit us we will take you there!

Joel, Ben, Michael in car on way over.

On the car ferry to Samal Island.

Kirsten, Ben, Joel, Michael swimming.

Juice break!

Kurt and I

Pray for Peace

Pray that the church in Florida planning to burn the Koran will not do so. They will only be jeopardizing the lives and work of many, many missionaries around the world, as well as military personnel.

After School Soccer 2010

For several years now another Mom and I have been organizing the after school elementary sports for soccer and baseball. We have to work around the High School sports schedule for field usage.

Kids during warm up time.

This week we started a four week season of after-school elementary soccer! The kids play twice a week. It is a lot of fun and I am so thankful for the other Moms who are helping with organizing, managing the snacks and organizing the end of season party!

Krys, on the left, is the other Mom who helps organize this sports program. She orders the shirts and awards; sends
out emails, prints fliers, etc. She is fun to work with!

Ben, James, and some team mates looking at something prior
to practice starting.

Ben loves playing soccer and is looking forward to being in
Middle School and High School when he can play on the
competitive team!

Jessica, Krys' daughter, and Ben.

Mikayla is helping as an assistant with the little kids teams.
For the K - 2nd graders its a bit like trying to organize chaos!
I am helping coach the little kids, too! They are a lot of fun...
just very easily distractible.

Some of the 3rd - 5th graders playing a game of soccer.

Seo Yeon and Kirsten. They are not in soccer but they were
'chica chicaing' at their lockers after school!
(chica chica-ing is Cebuano for chatting)