Student Permit

Mikayla is now the proud owner of a student driver's permit. Her Daddy will be teaching her how to drive here!
(but when she gets to the USA she'll have to unlearn all the Filipino driving habits!!!)

Packing James

We've been busy packing for our move tomorrow.
The other day James was busily putting stuffed animals into grocery sacks in his effort to help pack!

He insisted that he could do it himself! It was very cute to watch
him intently putting a stuffed animal or two into each grocery sack.

Jerard was enjoying the noise of the bags.

A Short Family Vacation

The day Kurt, Mikayla, Ben, and James came to pick Kirsten and I up from our retreat, we headed off for a short family vacation to Eden Nature Park. It was our respite before this week in which we are now busy packing, painting the new rental, and moving into by July 1!

Jerard stayed at home with Arlene. He tends to throw many seizures when out of his own familiar environment, so we've found it best to leave him in his comfort zone.

Our other two cats



Kirsten's Birthday Events

Well, Kirsten turned 13 and she wanted a BIG teddy bear!
She also wanted kwarta (money) as she is saving up for an IPod!

The day after she turned 13 she and I (Mom) went on a three day mother/daughter retreat to talk about growing up issues, have fun together, relax, pray, was a good, blessed time! We discussed purity of the heart, mind, body; growing in Christ, etc. It was a blessed time. We will go shopping for a purity ring soon.

Some of the books we referenced were The Bible, "A Quiet Heart" by Elisabeth Elliott; "Preparing Your Daughter for Every Woman's Battle" by Shannon Ethridge; "A Young Woman After God's Own Heart" by Elizabeth George; and "A Spirit Controlled Temperament" by Tim LaHaye.

In front of the cabin we stayed at in Loleng's Mountain Resort.

A scene from Loleng's

I thank God for the time Kirsten and I had alone together. We enjoyed walking together, talking, playing games, feeding the doves and fish, praying together, reading, etc.

Keep praying for all our kids to grow in His wisdom and grace.