End-of-Summer Vacation

We just returned from a four day trip to Samal Island.

We stayed at a great place right on the ocean called "Captain Hook's Red Parrot Inn."

We ate fresh-picked coconut and drank the buko juice! Yummm!

Played in Hagamit Falls!!!!!

Swam in the ocean......

Could show you many more pics....but that's enough for now....

Next week school starts!!!!(August 4th)!

Eyes on the Lord

This picture came through my email this morning from a missionary women's magazine. I really like the message! Christ is always there for us and He is our rock!!!!!

Scenes from the Philippines

washing clothing in a river

how many people can you fit in and on a jeepney???

stay on the planks and you won't fall off!!!

laundry hanging up to dry

Bible Dedication

We were blessed with the opportunity to go to a Bible Dedication this week. Translators have been working over 20 years to learn the language of this tribe and finish the Bible in this language. It was a powerful, moving event. Words fail in describing the power and dynamo experienced as these people rejoiced in having the Bible in their own language - a language they used to be embarrassed of but are now proud of; as they thanked the 'white skins' for coming to their location to work on this for over 20 plus years; as they thanked God for His love....

Setteling In

We've been in our new rental a little over two weeks.
Our internet and phone line were hooked up yesterday. We like this house! The neighborhood is quiet, we are close to school and work, we are enjoying getting to know our neighbors.....

Boxes to unpack

Ben putting books on the shelves

James and Jerard enjoying a moving day meal amongst items

Mikayla and Kirsten eating in the stairwell on moving in day

Kurt and Ben eating at the kitchen counter on moving in day.

Kurt and I eating amongst boxes on moving in day.

Setting up our bed

James holding Jerard's hand while they swing

Mikayla enjoying a reading break after several days of moving,
unpacking, and putting away.

A man who walks around with a knife sharpner pedal set up
sharpening our kitchen knives and scissors at our gate!