Working on Goals part 2

A while ago I blogged about working on goals. I just wanted to update you and let you know that I am starting a masters degree in Human Services Counseling on line with Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Class starts on line August 24th. I am so thankful for this opportunity to work on obtaining an M.A.

Below in information from the Regent University website about the degree I am pursuing. I plan to utilize this degree in member care on the mission field, where ever God leads us to serve.

"The M.A. in Human Services Counseling is designed to equip you with valuable counseling skills for use in ministry, missions or any other type of counseling career where you may practice counseling without a license. Our Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling provides training and practice in interpersonal skills using a biblical framework and helps you prepare to develop the spiritual and emotional well-being of those with whom you interact -- paving the way for a fulfilling career serving in the community and church.

The Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling degree is ideal for individuals who are not seeking to become full-time mental-health professionals but who frequently find themselves helping others and fulfilling the role of "counselor" -- such as teachers, emergency medical personnel, military personnel (especially senior enlisted service members), mentors, coaches and supervisors.

Master's in Human Services Counseling graduates will be able to:

Provide leadership in the integration of sound and ethical clinical practice, skills and techniques, and biblically based values. Promote the enhancement of accurate self-awareness and understanding. Encourage professional development through participation and leadership in professional organizations. Provide studies in the core areas of counseling knowledge and skills to include the following: human growth and development, social (family systems) and cultural foundations, helping relationships (including skills and techniques), group work, research and program evaluation, appraisal, career development, personality theories, and professional orientation and ethics. Provide studies in the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders (addictions, psychopathology). Provide comprehensive supervised clinical experience in community agency and school settings."

- from the Regent website - -