We Are Back On Line

A couple weeks ago our web hosting server had some major problem and we were off line until today!
That we are back on line today is a blessing as we'd been told all our blog history was lost!

A prayer I've been working on memorizing is this:
Teach me to treat all that comes my way with peace of soul
and with firm conviction that Your will governs all.
In unforeseen events let me not forget that all are sent by You.
Elisabeth Elliott quotes this Orthodox prayer in her book "A Path Through Suffering." So I am sure there has been a reason for this downtime we've had.

This few weeks without being able to blog has been a bit frustrating for me as I really enjoy blogging and keeping family and friends updated through this blog site! I am very thankful our website has come back on line and we have not lost the past four years of blogs.

....now to do a back up of all these blogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watch for more posts soon! Just wanted to let you know we are thankful to be back on line with our website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!