Teaching High School For a Week

I was asked to substitute teach a high school class for a week which I just finished a couple weeks ago. The high school is located right next to the office where I work. It is mostly attended by missionary kids. Our kids will go there when they get old enough.

The class was on apologetics. There were about a dozen kids in the class and I really enjoyed it. Specifically, I taught Presuppositional Apologetics. This was the first time that they heard of this form of apologetics and they seemed to catch on quite well.

I based the class content on the apologetics that I taught at Tyrone Covenant Presbyterian Church, our home church in the states. I taught that over a 9 month period sometime around the year 2000. Naturally, there was no way that I could fit 9 months into a week, but we covered a lot of ground anyway.

I assigned them homework and reading each night and we had a test at the end of the week. I graded the homework and the tests. So, I was a full-fledged substitute teacher for a week.

I really enjoyed the experience. I found myself highly energized as I taught the kids. We had some really interesting discussions and the feedback that I received from the kids and the teacher that I substituted for were quite positive. In fact, the teacher asked if I would be interested in teaching a class next fall.

Which, of course, reminds me of what I have told many of you in person. Teachers for mission schools are really badly needed. If you don't believe me, just look at the fact that they asked a software developer to teach apologetics! Are you a teacher? Have you considered missions lately? Teachers for missionary kids are what allow missionaries to stay on the field - think about what an important role you can play in missions as a teacher.