Yesterday we had the opportunity to visit some friends of ours up in Tagum. They run a really neat, multi-faceted ministry. You can read more about their ministry at http://www.neosfcphilippines.blogspot.com/

Our friends, the Boada's. Val went to Taylor University
at the same time Kurt was attending there. "It's a small
world afterall....." to meet up with each other again half
way around the world from their college days!
Val sometimes substitute teaches at Faith. Esther is in
Mikayla's High school class.

NEOS is a Greek word that means young and fresh and new. It was started in 1989. NEOS is a family center. NEOS offers Sunday evening fellowship, home Bible studies, youth fellowship, Bible classes for children, library, basketball, discipleship, training, and Bible curriculum for all ages.
We were greatly impressed with their vision and wholelistic
ministry approach.

The van used for our tour.

Esther, Mikayla, Kirsten and Ben by a garden area that the
high schoolers helped prepare last year on an outreach trip.

Mikayla and Esther standing by a house they helped get
started last year on the high school outreach trip.
It is being built as funds come available for it.

James enjoying running around.

Visiting a park and Catholic Shrine area in Tagum. It is
reported to have the world's largest rosary.

At the Tagum Market. We had some excellent rice desserts

It was an excellent trip.