Surgery Update

Jerald's surgery was done this afternoon and all went well. He just came back from the recovery room 1.5 hours ago. He is awake and active and all signs are good. Beth and the private duty nurse will be with him all night and I am with the other kids at our house.

I would love to post a picture of him but the hospital does not allow cameras to be brought in. They shaved Jerald's head and made an incision at the back right portion of his skull. They also made an incision in his abdomen. They had to poke and prod him all day long quite a bit. For example, this morning they tried all four of his limbs before they could get an IV to work. But he is on the mend now. He won't be able to drink anything for about 24 hours after the surgery but he already soiled his diaper and that is a good sign.

He has not needed the blood transfusion yet. They are going to check his hemoglobin tomorrow morning just to make sure that he does not need the transfusion. If he doesn't need it, there is a patient of the doctor in another hospital that needs the same blood type so we are going to let them use the blood. AB+ blood is harder to come by here in the Philippines.

Beth and I want to thank all of you for your many prayers. Please continue to pray that Jerald recover fully. Our long term prayer for Jerald is that he (and James) know Christ and walk in the spirit of Christ all of their lives. After that in priority our prayer is that God would grant Jerald a normal IQ. Our prayer is that his brain grow now that the pressure is relieved, etc.