Shipping through Post Office

We enjoy receiving packages. But we wanted to make you aware of a change in the postal system on the Philippine side. While we have never been assessed customs on any packages sent through the regular postal system yet, it appears from the recent email we received that that could be changing.

"Please be advised that the postal system at the present time is not a cost-effective means of receiving personal packages.

Recent changes in personnel and policies at the Central Post Office (CPO) have complicated the processing of packages arriving via the postal system. Although we (our organization we work for) have been considered exempt from customs charges for
many years, that is no longer the case, especially for personal items. While we can probably get exemptions for items
directly related to the goals of (our organization), the same is
not true for personal items. Some packages would be assessed duties and fees that would approximate the value of the contents of the packages. In addition, it takes considerable time to process such items. Please note that the stated value on the package is
of little importance to the CPO, and that they will likely open the package and assess the contents based on a price list they have
for such purposes. So the value of the item may be considerably higher than what someone paid for that item at Wal-Mart or E-Bay!

Until further notice, we recommend that you inform your family and friends that they not send packages to you through the mail. If they do, then please be prepared to pay the price!"

So for now, if you want to ship a package to us, it would be better to use the Forex shipping company. Thanks!