Reflections on Books

I am currently reading several excellent books!

Randy Alcorn's book "Money, Possessions and Eternity" has me rethinking how I use what God has provided for us; how best to build for eternity by helping those in need here on earth; how to be better in showing hospitality to others; and how to raise my kids to realize that each deed done here on earth is building for eternity - whether good or bad. This is an excellent read and I highly recommend it.

"Conformed To His Image" by Kenneth Boa is about 12 facets of spiritual formation. This book is actually a college text book but not dry or boring in any way. This book helps develop a fuller, holistic Biblical foundation for our lives.

I just also started reading "Intimate Allies" by Dan Allendar and Tremper Longman III. It's a book about God's design for marriage and becoming soul-mates for life. It seems to me that marriages have seasons they go through. And some seasons require more committed work to keep the friendship, love and passion going than other seasons. (But don't worry - thought Kurt and I have walked rough paths in our marriage, we are doing well - there is always room for improvement and we are working toward that end. Another great book is "Hold Me Tight" by Dr. Sue Johnson!) [ I want to learn all I can about being a better wife and friend to Kurt - - especially when reflecting that marriage is a type and shadow of Christ's relationship to us, His church!]

So, if you need a book to read this holiday season, I recommend these!