Quite a Week

Hi, It's been quite a week.

The two boys, James and Jerald came to live with us Saturday night.

On Tuesday morning Kurt and Mikayla woke up sick. We met with the Department of Social Work and Development to begin the foster parent process (DSWD)...

Wednesday Kirsten and Ben joined the 'fun' of being sick with their Daddy and older sister....We also had a home study done by DSWD. They have thanked us many times for taking these boys, especially Jerald. If we hadn't he would've ended up in a DSWD orphanage. Filipino couples will not adopt 'handicapped' children because of the expense involved in caring for them.

We took the boys to a doctor for check ups and have a neurosurgeon
to go see hopefully today. He normally has office hours on T and W but his receptionist was going to see if he could see us today. We are waiting for a text from her.

The boys are starting to gain weight, have bright eyes, are responding to our voices, and James is starting to get baby fat.
Both boys are strong.

Today Mikayla, Kirsten and Ben feel better but I'm keeping them home from school for one more day of rest.

More pictures to come soon!!!!!