For quite a while now we have been looking around for a different house to rent. The house we currently have is big but the rental price makes our monthly budget very tight.
To relieve that stress we've been looking for a lower cost house to rent.
God provided in such a cool way!

The kids and I had been praying for a house close to school.
I'd been praying it would be up on a hill to avoid flooding issues, that it would fit our family and our budget!
The house we will move into on July 1 is very close to the school; we can see the covered court, performing arts center, and play ground from our veranda; it's on a hill, it fits our family and our budget!!!

School roof tops as seen from the veranda of the house we will move in to.

zoomed in view

Some of our new neighbors. The lady in the middle, Ellen, has been helping us look for a house to rent. She has helped other
missionaries find housing and also works as a house helper for another missionary family here.

Keep us in your prayers as we transition to a new house. We are looking forward to the move, but still, the unsettledness of packing up one house, cleaning and painting the other, finishing the school year, kids off for summer break, etc....can cause tension at times, feelings of being scattered and unsettled, anyone who's moved knows!
We desire to "walk with peace of soul in all that comes our way."

Jeremiah 29:11.....For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD,.....